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All of our prices will be tailored to meet the individual needs of our clients as some houses are minimalist and some have a more eclectic mix of furniture and possessions so it is hard to determine the exact cost of a removal without visiting, discussing and assessing your needs individually.

However, to help you budget below is a quote estimator:

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    When moving home many people consider moving themselves as the cheapest, easiest way to go. This is not necessarily the case. Even if it works out cheaper to do the move yourself it is not the best idea. Moving homes is one of the most stressful life events you will encounter, why add to it?

    It is easy these days to hire a van but are you accustomed to driving them? Are you confident in reversing and parking an unfamiliar vehicle? Can you afford to pay a large excess if you do bump it? Hire vans are potentially a lot more expensive than you might think. Added to this the skill and experience required to load a van it is unlikely you will be able to transport your most prized possessions without incident.

    To allow us to assess your needs and advise on the best options for your move contact one of our team today to request your no obligation consultation on 01723 507111 or email removals@davidduggleby.com. It doesn’t mean you can’t still do your own move but does give you valuable advice.